Digital Absolutism

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  • How dependent from technology are we?
  • Do we need supervising bodies for the Internet?
  • What power do customers really have?
  • What challenges does the old economy have to face when it comes to digital transformation?
  • Does the culture of free services on the Internet change in the future?
  • Can social media algorithms manipulate us?

These are just some of the questions that we talked about in the closing panel at the World Business Dialogue, the world’s largest international student-run business convention.

This discussion was at the same time heated, insightful, and very funny. Thank you to all the panelists:

  • Achim Berg, Arvato
  • Catharina van Delden, Innosabi
  • Robert Epstein, American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology
  • Wolf Lichtenstein, SAS Institute
  • Ksenia Yolkina, Yandex


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